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Rena George is the author of two exciting crime series, a third sweeping family drama set in Poldark's Cornwall and a collection of standalone romantic novels.

The Loveday Mysteries, contemporary, often edgy, crime fiction set against the background of Cornwall's stunning and atmospheric places. There's a cast of unforgettable characters you will love being around as Loveday and her partner, Detective Inspector Sam Kitto, unravel each new and baffling murder mystery.

The Jack Drummond thrillers feature the gritty Scottish detective with his own way of fighting crime. Frequent battles with authority have seen him posted from the crime laden dark streets of his beloved Glasgow to Inverness. But the Highland capitol is not the sleepy backwater Drummond expected. Marauding clans of warring Highlanders no longer stalk the hills, but in their place there are drug syndicates to infiltrate, serial killers to track down and a fire-raiser who strikes terror into the hearts of innocent families. 

If you loved the BBC's adaptation of Poldark then the Mellin Cove books, with their hauntingly memorable characters, are for you. Visit Cornwall's dangerous past where every family keeps a secret and smuggling is rife. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric dark moors, crashing seas, secret coves - and the sweeping passions of an exciting, historical family saga.

The Romance Collection features a set of standalone novels to curl up with on a wet afternoon. Five tender love stories with characters that will touch your heart. If you enjoy clean and wholesome romance set in Cornwall, Yorkshire and the Scottish Highlands then these novels are for you.

Rena George is a former Glasgow national newspaper journalist with three children and four grandchildren. Her family lived for many years in a small fishing village near Inverness.
Rena is also proud of her Cornish heritage and her strong connections to the mining communities in South West Cornwall. She currently lives on the beautiful Yorkshire Coast.

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