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Murder mysteries you won't want to put down. Follow Loveday and her policeman partner Sam as they tackle one unfathonable mystery after another all with a background of beautiful Cornwall. If you like a puzzle with more twists and turns than a helter-skelter then this series is for you. To find out, buy The Loveday Mysteries right now!


A Cornish Revenge (Book 1)

A bleak Cornish clifftop scattered with the derelict remains of old tin mines.
It seems to magazine editor Loveday Ross that it is an odd place for an art class, but then her artist friend Lawrence Kemp has been behaving strangely. As they all arrive at Borlase Cliffs Loveday's camera clicks, capturing the aspiring artists at their easels. But something is not right!
Far below, in an isolated cove, a grim horror is slowly emerging from the waves.
It's a discovery that strikes fear into the hearts of everyone. From now on not even their best friends can be trusted. A Cornish Revenge is the first book in Rena George's Loveday Mysteries, evoking the atmosphere and captivating settings of Cornwall. If you enjoy a fast-paced crime story with a difference you'll adore the Loveday Ross/DI Sam Kitto mysteries.


A Cornish Kidnapping  (Book 2)

Believing the remote Black Swan Inn, with its idyllic waterside location, could provide a romantic feature for her Cornish magazine, editor Loveday Ross, accepts an invitation to interview Marika Sweet. But the inn is not the idyllic creak-side hostelry Loveday had imagined.
It's a dirty, derelict, boarded up building - and there is no sign of Marika. A friendly neighbour, Millicent Sproat, reveals the inn is now in the hands of notorious local criminals, the Clemo brothers.
Unable to resist exploring the old place, Loveday sneaks in.  She does not see her attacker approaching from the shadows. A pain sears through her head as the blackness engulfs her and she crashes to the floor. Her policeman boyfriend, Detective Inspector Sam Kitto, is concerned for her safety and warns her to leave the unsavoury brothers for the police to deal with, but that's not Loveday's way. Then there's a murder... and more people start getting hurt. Could the Clemo's old sailing ship, Arabella, provide the key to solving the mystery?


A Cornish Vengeance (Book 3)


Magazine editor, Loveday Ross, clashes with her policeman boyfriend, Detective Inspector Sam Kitto, when he warns her not to get involved in his high profile murder case.
But Loveday is already involved. The dead man's widow has asked for her help.
How can she possibly refuse?
The body of wealthy Cornish boat-builder, Silas Venning, is found hanged in a remote wood. Gossip about how he met his demise is rife amongst the county's party set.
His widow, celebrated artist, Laura Anstey, insists her husband was murdered and enlists Loveday's help to prove it.
Suspicion falls on Laura's friend, the beautiful young Dr. Meredith Deering.
Is it malicious tittle-tattle, or had she really been having an affair with Silas?
When Loveday's best friend is attacked, the stakes get personal.


A Cornish Obsession (Book 4)


It's a snowy December night and Jago Tilley is making an unsteady way home from the village pub. He doesn't know that by morning he will be dead!
It falls to DI Sam Kitto, of Devon and Cornwall Police, to investigate the old fisherman's brutal murder, and once again magazine editor, Loveday Ross, finds herself involved in her policeman boyfriend's case.
Suspicion falls on the dead man's disreputable nephew, Billy Travis. But what is his relationship with St Ives gallery owner, Zachariah Paxton-Quinn?
Loveday's boss, Merrick Tremayne, is acting distinctly out of character. Could his strange mood have something to do with her discovery of a burglar rummaging through the magazine's old archive files?
And then there is the glamorous Dutch boutique owner, Sabine De Fries. What is her connection with the Tremayne family?


A Cornish Malice (Book 5)

When magazine editor, Loveday, inherits the ruins of a remote cliff top cottage her delight is marred by the mysterious disappearance of a young man from his narrowboat on a Cornish creek. Since he’s a chum of her friends, Keri and Ben, she naturally wants to help. But things quickly escalate into a far more serious affair and it becomes clear that her involvement could be doing more harm than good. Despite Loveday’s best intentions to steer clear of her detective boyfriend, Sam's, investigation, she realizes this is impossible. She has become inextricably entwined in a situation that is rapidly escalating into a nightmare!


When Silas Venning, boss of luxury yacht building company, Venning Marine, is found hanged in a remote wood, it shocks the whole of Cornwall.
Gossip about how he met his demise is rife amongst the county's smart set.
It looks like suicide, but his widow, celebrated artist Laura Anstey, tells Loveday he would never take his own life, and she pleads for her help.

But Loveday has troubles of her own. News that a former employee of Silas’s has been mown down by a hit and run driver as he is released from Exeter Prison paralyses her with fear.

She knows her partner, Detective Inspector Sam Kitto, had gone to the jail that morning to settle a score with the dead man. What she doesn’t know is…was it Sam who killed him?

A Cornish Betrayal (Book 6)


A Cornish Deception (Book 7)

Antiques auctions were a complete mystery to Loveday, but her boss, magazine proprietor, Merrick Tremayne, really wanted the 16th century bible box. So she'd asked her friend, Priddy, to put in the winning bid.
But now the box was gone - stolen during a break-in at her office.
It's not Loveday's only worry. She offers to spend the night alone in a caravan that her friend claims is haunted…by a ghost who is stealing her treasures. Loveday's policeman boyfriend, Sam, objects, but she ignores him. 
When strange things begin to happen, and Loveday discovers a body in the night, she wishes she had listened to Sam.


A Cornish Ransom (Book 8)

A man's body is pulled from the river in Inverness as the cathedral bells ring in a new year.
The last thing Loveday and Sam want is for a murder to spoil their holiday in Scotland. But fate takes a hand. The man is Cornish, and events pursue them back to Cornwall where a major search is taking place to find a prominent missing businessman.
When Sam realises the two could be connected, he and Loveday are plunged into a mystery that grows more complicated by the hour.
The riddle deepens when suspicion grows over a previous death initially thought to have been an accident.

If you like a fast action murder mystery that will keep you guessing till the end you’ll love A Cornish Ransom. Buy it now!


A Cornish Evil (Book 9)


Loveday's boss, magazine publisher Merrick Tremayne, has married his housekeeper, Connie Bishop, in Truro Cathedral. But celebrations in an exclusive country house hotel come to an abrupt end when a woman is found murdered in one of the upstairs bedrooms.
Loveday's partner, Detective Inspector Sam Kitto, takes charge of the investigation. No one is allowed to leave the hotel. The situation is sensitive, but until his officers must interview everyone…even his friends are suspects.
As the hunt to find a killer spreads across Cornwall more distress is in store for the Tremayne family. Marietta Olsen, girlfriend of Merrick's half-bother, Cadan, has disappeared. Has she really taken herself off to a retreat as her parents maintain…or is something more sinister going on?


A Cornish Guilt (Book 10)


Maya Brookes is a young single mum.
The man she loved was murdered and she's still recovering from the horror.
She has a job she loves, a comfortable home and friends who support her. 
Life is beginning to return to normal when she finds a body in the heritage centre where she works. It's the strange young woman she saw earlier in the village church.
Horrified, she flees the scene and calls the police.
But when officers arrive the body has vanished. Fear grips Maya. Has she imagined that body? Could it be another of those strange things that have been happening to her lately?
Is she losing her grip on reality?
Her friend, Loveday, doesn't think so. She believes there's a killer at large and Maya could be the next victim!



A Cornish Anguish (Book 11)

The Falmouth Regatta is approaching, but celebrations are overshadowed by the spectre of evil. Two women have been murdered.  


The lifeless body of one discovered floating in the ocean, the other suffered a brutal end at the hands of a stabbing.


Rumours of who is guilty are spreading like wildfire in Cornwall’s yachting community. But witnesses are unreliable, and the truth shrouded in lies.


As the killings continue, Detective Inspector Kitto struggles to control a fragmented investigation.


His inquisitive partner, Loveday, has a knack for getting to the truth. But will her curiosity be the catalyst for another death? …And could that next victim be Loveday?

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