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Curl up with your favourite brew, get out the hankie and enjoy these sweet romances set in Cornwall, Yorkshire and the Scottish Highlands.
Meet characters you'll love, places you might know and romances that will inspire you and melt your heart.
Five great standalone romances. Get yours now!

Inherit the Dream (Book 1)


When recently qualified chef, Kerra Morrison, is named as the main beneficiary of her uncle's will, it causes a family rift. Her cousins, Sarah and David, are furious that their father has favoured her over them and storm out of the solicitor's office with mutterings of getting even.
When there's a break-in, and an attempt to sabotage Kerra's new tearoom, the finger of suspicion points to her cousins.
But are they really the guilty ones? Or are darker forces at work in the tiny Highland town of Craigallen?
With her new business virtually destroyed, all seems lost for Kerra, until the town's young GP, Dr Duncan Crombie comes to her aid.
It would be easy to fall for such a man - if only he didn't keep throwing up barriers every time they seemed to be getting close.
Then, just when Kerra feels that things are at last going her way, beautiful and wealthy businesswoman, Lauren King, moves into Blairdhu House.
But why does her presence have such an effect on Duncan? 
It's clear to Kerra that they have met before...and that they were more than just friends!


Fire in the Blood (Book 2)

Gennie Durham buys into the Flying Fox country pub, and finds herself in the middle of a Yorkshire murder mystery - with Oliver Hammond, the man she is becoming increasingly attracted to, as prime suspect.
But there's worse to come...
An arsonist is on the loose in Fenwick cum Marton. The historic St Stephen's Church has already been burned to the ground. Is Gennie's pub next on the fire-raiser's list?


The Highland Heart (Book 3)

Back teaching in Balcreggan, the Highland village where she was brought up, Rowan Fairlie has everything.
She's amongst the people she cares most about. And Simon Fraser, the handsome young owner of Balcreggan Estate, wants to marry her. Life surely couldn't get much better? But there is a problem! She doesn't love him.
Rowan is far more intrigued by Clett Drummond, the new tenant farmer at Ballinbrae Farm, who has come to the Highlands to help his two little daughters, Charlotte and Poppy, recover from their mother's death in a car accident.
But he isn't behaving like a farmer. His air of authority suggests he's more used to giving orders than taking them.
And there's an aggression between the two men that worries Rowan. Their paths have obviously crossed before. But what dark secret do they share?


Where Moonbeams Dance (Book 4)

Hannah Maxwell's gambler husband Brian dies suddenly from a brain haemorrhage, leaving her struggling to bring up her three children amidst a mountain of debt. Then a distant relative bequeaths to her a tidy sum, and the tenancy of a Highland croft. A stranger to the countryside, Hannah is determined to make a new life for her family - but brooding Ross Hunter, the estate manager, is less than welcoming. Yet Hannah finds herself increasingly drawn to him, and his help at the croft becomes indispensable...


Moment Like This (Book 5)


Jenna Maitland managed one of her family's three Yorkshire department stores, until the day she left to rescue her artist father, Daniel's, failing London gallery. But now a family crisis looms, and Jenna goes to Cornwall to find her missing cousin, Joss. She needs to persuade him to give up his dream of being an artist and return home to Yorkshire and take over the running of the family business. Jenna is intrigued when the Maitlands' new, charismatic company director, Gil Ryder, insists on driving her to St Ives. It doesn't take her long to realise she's falling in love with the man. But when an attractive blonde approaches and warns her off, Jenna realises she's not alone in bidding for Gil's attention Word of Jenna's arrival has quickly spread amongst the St Ives artist community, and when Joss realises she's in town, he contacts her. But despite Jenna's best efforts to persuade Joss to return home, he refuses. Until news reaches them that Joss's father, Isaac Maitland, has had a heart attack. There can be no further delay. They must return to Yorkshire.

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