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Step back in time to Poldark's Cornwall and follow the lives and loves of the St Neot family. After inheriting Mellin Hall, Kit and his sister Hedra St Neot must fight to win the trust of the fishing families in the cove, But life is not easy in 18th Century Cornwall. Wreckers stalk the cliffs enticing trusting ships onto the rocks. Smuggling is rife and passions rise high and the revenue men are never far away. Enjoy stories of romance, action and adventure against a background of wild Cornish seas, secret coves and dark moors where only the bravest of men dare to venture. Immerse yourself in the adventure of Cornwall. Download The Mellin Cove Series now!


Danger at Mellin Cove
(Book 1)

In Cornwall a dangerous world of passions and intrigue awaits Hedra St Neot when she agrees to help her brother, Kit, to run his Cornish inheritance, the wild and beautiful estate at Mellin Cove. But will she stay to help handsome fisherman, Jem Pentreath, protect the local community from her rogue uncle's band of cutthroat smugglers? Or will she finally agree to marry, Sir Edward Tremaine, the rich mine owner who is besotted with her?


Mistress of Mellin Cove
(Book 2)

It's the middle of the 18th century, when smuggling is rife in Cornwall and cargo ships crossing the English Channel are prey to attacks from pirates. The Lady Emma, on passage to France, meets a different fate.

High on the cliffs above Mellin Cove, Kit St Neot reins in his black stallion and peers out into the storm. He gasps when he sees the tall-masted ship, helpless against the relentless fury of the waves, being hurled to the rocks.
Adrenaline pumping, he gallops to the beach and throws himself from his horse. Plunging into the surf, he strikes out for the small, limp body he can see being tossed by the breakers. In one desperate bid he plucks the creature from the sea and struggles ashore.
But back at Mellin Hall Kit is in for a surprise when he leaves the half-dead victim of the storm in the care of his housekeeper, Jesemy. For the person he rescued from the sea is not the cabin boy he thought, but a lovely young woman - and she has no recollection of who she is.


Secrets of Mellin Cove
(Book 3)

After Wenna discovers a shocking family secret she flees to the comfort of her beloved Cornish moors praying for guidance. What can she do?
If she reveals the terrible truth her family will be ruined. If she does nothing she could be condemning the crew of the Southern Star to the mercy of those who have no mercy.
Perhaps she should confide in the tall stranger who rides past her every day? He casts enough glances in her direction as she sits sketching amongst the standing stones. But would he understand? Or would he go straight to the authorities?
Could she trust a stranger?


The Mellin Cove Trilogy
(Books 1 - 3)

The Mellin Cove Trilogy contains all three books in the series. Step into the world of dark Cornish moors, mystical heritage, and crashing seas.


Follow the lives and loves of the highly respected St Neot family as they fend off hard times in 18th century Cornwall, confront their enemies, and turn a blind eye to the illegal smuggling activities of their tenants, the fishing families of the cove.

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