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Get  books 2 and 3 from the popular Loveday Ross series set in the modern day rugged landscape of Cornwall, UK. Loveday is a magazine editor romantically involved with the local police detective inspector and always on the trail of a murder...


Believing the remote Black Swan Inn, with its idyllic waterside location, could provide a romantic feature for her Cornish magazine, editor Loveday Ross, accepts an invitation to interview Marika Sweet. But the inn is not the idyllic creak-side hostelry Loveday had imagined.
It's a dirty, derelict, boarded up building - and there is no sign of Marika. A friendly neighbour, Millicent Sproat, reveals the inn is now in the hands of notorious local criminals, the Clemo brothers.
Unable to resist exploring the old place, Loveday sneaks in.  She does not see her attacker approaching from the shadows. A pain sears through her head as the blackness engulfs her and she crashes to the floor. Her policeman boyfriend, Detective Inspector Sam Kitto, is concerned for her safety and warns her to leave the unsavoury brothers for the police to deal with, but that's not Loveday's way. Then there's a murder... and more people start getting hurt. Could the Clemo's old sailing ship, Arabella, provide the key to solving the mystery?


Magazine editor, Loveday Ross, clashes with her policeman boyfriend, Detective Inspector Sam Kitto, when he warns her not to get involved in his high profile murder case.
But Loveday is already involved. The dead man's widow has asked for her help.
How can she possibly refuse?
The body of wealthy Cornish boat-builder, Silas Venning, is found hanged in a remote wood. Gossip about how he met his demise is rife amongst the county's party set.
His widow, celebrated artist, Laura Anstey, insists her husband was murdered and enlists Loveday's help to prove it.
Suspicion falls on Laura's friend, the beautiful young Dr. Meredith Deering.
Is it malicious tittle-tattle, or had she really been having an affair with Silas?
When Loveday's best friend is attacked, the stakes get personal.

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